Project Members

Weather API
Development team

Stanley Okwii
Developed the Little R generator Application that the uses the Weather data API, to outputs Little R Observations that are used by the weather forecaster in making weather data assimilation by the WRF Model. I participated in the blog development and  also systems documentation such as System Design Document, System Requirements Specification and the user manual.
Kasozi Mulondo Moses
Developed the Weather data Messaging Application which uses the Weather data API, to output weather data in TDCF, a standard weather data format as required by the World Meteorological Organization(WMO). The application sends weather data to the National Meteorological Center(NMC) every after after 30 minutes by both email and sms. I participated in system's documentation, designing user interfaces and also system's testing.
Kyebambe Sarah 
Developed the Weather Data API web interface. This guides the API users on how to acquire the API and also use it in their applications. I made the Overall system's documentation, reviews and editions. These documents included the System Requirements Document(SRS), System Design Document(SDD), user manual and also the survey paper.

Mutesarisa Jovan

Developed the weather Data API and this provides access to local weather data stored in the Weather Data Repository (WDR). I deployed the Weather data API, Weather Data Messaging Application and the Little R generator Application on the web server. I also participated in system's documentation and testing.

Mary Nsabagwa
Project Supervisor : Mary Nsabagwa 

An assistant lecturer at the College of Computing and Information Sciences, Makerere University, Nsabagwa has a a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Makerere University and a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology from Hunan University P.R.C


  1. Great guys, I appreciate the work done, I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer programming generally termed as (Applied Technology) at Brigham Young University -Idaho Utah.
    I request to know how lat, lon and Api key be got from an API doc


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